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LET’S TRY OUT OUR CUSTOM SHOP AND RARE VINTAGE GUITARS  BOOK A DATE RIGHT NOW, WE’RE AVAILABLE 7 DAYS A WEEK   Feel free to visit us in the city heart of Basel, Switzerland. Our Workshop is located at the 188 Sankt-Alban Rheinweg, just give us a call or message us on the following contacts: [...]

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BUILT IN THE CUSTOM SHOP HAND-ASSEMBLED IN BASEL, SWITZERLAND There is nothing mass-produced about a S71 Custom guitar. From the thick maple tops and rich mahogany bodies to the rosewood and ebony fretboards, each S71 Custom electric guitar is made of only top-quality tonewoods. To maintain authenticity, reissue-style S71 Custom guitars feature special hardware that performs to [...]

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TURNING MUSICAL DREAMS INTO REALITIES. FINELY CRAFTED GUITARS AND BASSES CREATED BY ARTISTS, FOR THE ARTIST.   Unless you’re a die-hard proponent of only playing brand-new instruments with cutting-edge technology (much of which was designed to replicate the sound of a vintage instrument!), S71 Custom Shop most likely offers a level of relic’ing that will be [...]

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