Artists Tribute

Made in USA, UK.

Price on Request (including Hardcase & certificate)

  • Alder, Swamp Ash body, Basswood, Pine etc. made in USA or UK, Aged in full-nitrocelullose.
  • Made in USA necks (Nitro or Oil finishes) with Artists original specs.
  • Handwound or Signature Artists Pickups
  • Genuine Floyd-Rose, Gotoh Japan Floyd, Vintage style or Modern two-pivot tremolo.
  • Kluson, Gotoh, Schaller, Sperzel, Grover, etc, locking or standard tuners.
  • Aged Pickguard, back plates, finish of your choice. Handmade Pickguard in wood, metal, aluminium, etc. on request.
  • Handwired electronics with Bourns Audio pro potentiometers and Paper in Oil Vintage capacitor Russian military.
  • Relicing level and Checking Marks of your choice.
  • Hardcase & Custom Shop certificate included.

Some examples:¬† EVH Red/White Stripes, Bumblebee, etc. – Malmsteen OW Strat style – Clapton style Strats – SRV Strats style – John Mayer Black Strat style Black¬†– Springsteen Tele style – Keith Tele style – Blackmore White Strat – Hendrix with reversed body for righty, etc…