LET’S TRY OUT OUR CUSTOM SHOP AND RARE VINTAGE GUITARS  BOOK A DATE RIGHT NOW, WE’RE AVAILABLE 7 DAYS A WEEK   Feel free to visit us in the city heart of Basel, Switzerland. Our Workshop is located at the 188 Sankt-Alban Rheinweg, just give us a call or message us on the following contacts: [...]

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TURNING MUSICAL DREAMS INTO REALITIES. FINELY CRAFTED GUITARS AND BASSES CREATED BY ARTISTS, FOR THE ARTIST.   Unless you’re a die-hard proponent of only playing brand-new instruments with cutting-edge technology (much of which was designed to replicate the sound of a vintage instrument!), S71 Custom Shop most likely offers a level of relic’ing that will be [...]

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ALL MODS ARE POSSIBLE IF YOU EVER DREAMED TO SOUND LIKE LUKATHER CLAPTON, J. BECK, EVH, SRV, GILMOUR, RICHIE KOTZEN, J. SATRIANI, S. VAÏ... All electronics modifications you ever dreamed about are possible, hand-made in our Workshop in Switzerland, just let us know what's your ideas and we'll be glade to give you an estimate.

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CREATE YOUR OWN DREAM CUSTOM SHOP GUITAR BECAUSE COOL IS AGELESS. ---------- MAKE AN ESTIMATE WITH US ON THE GUITAR YOU'D ALWAYS DREAMED ABOUT S71 GUITARS AT UNBEATABLE PRICES. ---------- We are working very closely with some of the best luthiers worldwide and the best made in USA CS providers like Warmoth, Carvin, AllParts, Mighty Mite, [...]

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