Collins Handwound in Texas Pickups

Collins Handwound in Texas Pickups

Collins Pickups Handmade in Dallas, Texas by a True Expert.


T-159 “Five 9” is a 1959 styled pickup with a 5% progressive over-wind. In ’59 as with these Fender used a larger Alnico 5 magnet a .195, and was magnetized North-South-North and had a bit more winds.

T-166 “California Glass” is a hybrid pickup and is under/over-wound 5% with Alinico5 magnets in the E-A-D string and Alnico 2 in G-B-E strings. It is an odd mix but Alnico 2 has different properties than 5 and it makes for a taming of the shrill ice pick sounds some Strats are known to have. These are a bit complicated and I have to magnetize each pole individually to keep a balance between the 5’s and 2’s. Alnico 2 is weaker in magnet strength than 5. This best can be described as 2’s round off the top end and are a bit loose in the bottom, Alnico 5’s are spiked in the top end and focused in the bottom.

T-167 “Old Time Guns II” this is another vintage stagger pickup but with all Alnico 2 magnets and an over/under winding. Gray Bottom and Red top .187 Alnico 2 magnets orientated  South-North-South Vintage staggering  E=.671,  A=.671, D=.710, G=.710, B=.630, E=.650 it is under-wound 7% on the neck for mid scooping and overwound 7% on the bridge for punch. The mid is wound to ’69 neck spec.
T-1691969″ is as the model suggests is a 1969 based pickup with the neck a standard winding and progressively over-wound 5%. They have .187 Alnico 5 magnets magnetized South-North-South as ’69’s would. Fender changed the magnet orientation in 1960 and used Formvar wire up until CBS bought Fender in 1965 at which time they switched to machine winding and went to Gray bottoms and less winds with enamel wire. 

T-175 “Road Kings” are an unconventional pickup it has a Gray  Bottom and Red top .187 Alnico 5 magnets orientated South-North-South Symmetrical staggering  E=.671,  A=.693, D=.710, G=.710, B=.693, E=.671 it basically follows the radius of a 9-12 radius neck. The neck pickup is wound to what the T-169 has in the bridge and is progressively wound up to the bridge 7.5%. 

T-176 “Wind Talker” is a non staggered rendition of the Fender pickups from the mid ’70’s Gray Bottom and Red top .187 Alnico 5 magnets orientated  South-North-South Flat staggering  E=.671,  A=.671, D=.671, G=.671, B=.671, E=.671 and wound 8% progressively starting at 20 winds over the ’59. 

T-178 “Rio Vista Heat” is a hotter pickup at a 16% progressive over-wind. Starting at a hotter neck around the mid on the Wind Talker and wound up to the bridge at 16% this places it somewhere between the Texas Special and the Tex-Mex Fenders. Gray Bottom and Black top .187 Alnico 5 magnets orientated  South-North-South Vintage staggering  E=.671,  A=.671, D=.710, G=.710, B=.630, E=.650 currently the hottest Strat pickup I wind.


A true expert in Vintage replicas.

F. Collins is a former “Violin” luthier, he did several amazing masterpieces by hand in his workshop in Dallas.
After studying at perfection the bests and world renowned Pickups winders such as Ybarra, Seymour Duncan, etc. Collins decided to wound his own Pickups at the same place he previously built Violins.

A large variety of Stratocaster Pickups sets as well as Early 50’s PAF Humbuckers and even 90’s “hairy” style HSS and EVH replicas Handwound by Collins in Dallas is what we can propose at S71 Guitars on your Custom orders.