We’re working with some of the best Pickups Hand Winder in EU & the U.S.

Handmade by the best experts

At S71 we’re working with of the best Pickups Hand Winders only to offer the largest range of sounds possible in our Custom Guitars.

  • Alex Vintage Pickups, the 50-80’s traditional sounds, Single-coils, Humbuckers & Bass Pickups, all Handwound of course. 
  • Bare & Knuckles Handwound made in UK Pickups, from the raw Vintage sounds to the Hyper-modern high output Pickups. World renowned, they’re working with artists such as Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Michael Jackson), Matt Bellamy (Muse) and dozens more.
  • LAA Custom Boutique Pickups Made in Italy. Carlo founder at LAA is working with the bests, from Jim Dunlop (father, rip) and now Jr to Phil X from Bon Jovi, not forgetting Stevie Salas, Blues Saraceno, Devin Townsend, etc.
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Alex Pickups Vintage Replicas

Vintage Replicas Handwound by hand just like in the 50's

50-60's Handwound Replicas !

Alex Vintage Pickups. Made in EU.

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LAA Custom Handwound Boutique Pickups

Carlo is working amongst others with Jim Dunlop, Phil X, Stevie Salas, Blues Saraceno, Devin Townsend...

Handmade in Italy !

LAA Custom Handwound Boutique Pickups. Made in Italy.

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