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Jerome from France, after receiving his Pearl Aztec Gold HSS “S” unique prototype.

Christian from France, after receiving his Custom Built Pelham Blue “Super S”.

Chris from the Region of Mannheim in Germany, after receiving his Masterbuilt 3-Tone Sunburst ’59 “S”.

Darren from the far AUSTRALIA, the other side of the planet, after receiving his AAAA Flame Maple top “T” Denim Relic.

Stevenson from Paris, France after receiving his Swamp Ash Translucent “S”.

Jerome from La Rochelle, France after receiving his Pearl Aztec Gold “SuperS”.

Arthur from Geneva, after owning more than a dozen S71 Guitars over the years became a friend.

Keith from region Glasgow in Scotland, UK after receiving his Black Cabronita FilterTron HX Heavy-Relic.

Greg from Belgium after receiving his Shoreline Gold “T” Deluxe.

Dominik from region Solothurn in Switzerland after receiving his VH Tribute Bumblebee.

Daniel a friend and guitarist from Zug, Switzerland after receiving his Lake Placid “Clapton” style Relic Strat.

Tobias a guitarist from Berlin, Germany after receiving his Blue Sparkle Relic Tele.

Emmanuel a great singer/guitarist from North of France after receiving his Dakota Red Strat.

Thierry from Lausanne, Switzerland, after receiving my two Relic Strats “ICE BLUE” & “CANDY TANGERINE”

Messages from Gerald from Geneva, Switzerland after testing his Gold Strat Fender Replica w Jeff Beck Pickups.

Christian from Hamburg, Germany after receiving and testing his Telecaster 1963 Faded Lake Placid Blue.

Thierry from Lausanne, Switzerland, after receiving is “3rd” S71 Guitar.

Manuel a passionate guitarist from Germany after receiving his TAOS TURQUOISE Relic Strat.

Artists Feedbacks

From legendary guitarist STEVIE SALAS (Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, George Clinton…) to JOSH STEELY lead guitarist from the American Supergroup DAUGHTRY (8 Millions of albums sold in the U.S, Grammy nominated, etc.), Los Angeles Studio SuperProducer/Musician DANNY SABER (Rolling Stones, U2, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne…), not forgetting JOE STUMP “The Shredlord” new “ALCATRAZZ” guitarist (replacing amongst others Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen) 6th fastest guitarist in the world and many mores, join our satisfied S71 Guitar players.