Is my order definitive?

Yes! An online order is final and can not in principle be terminated unless you contact us within two hours after the online order and preferably by phone or email.
Pass this delay the order will be final.

How long does it take to pay via bank transfer (in Switzerland)?

Payment are not always immediately transferred to us. We give you below an overview of the various payment possibilities and how fast they are processed:
  • The fastest way to pay is via bank transfer. Usually, such a bank transfer payment is received by us one day after you proceeded with the payment.

When and how do we ship goods?

  • We ship goods every day from Monday to Friday at office hours. Parcels delivered by the Post (less than 33kg) are usually delivered two days after the shipping (week days only). For a perfect preparation of the guitar, a set-up time of two or three days is necessary before shipping. 
  • Parcels are delivered by the Post or by a shipping company at the front door of your house or building, and not at the door of your apartment (if it is located in a higher floor).

What is the procedure/process when I order online?

  1. You place an online order.
  2. For the payment, you choose either secure-online credit card payment or bank transfer.
  3. After confirmation of the order, you receive via email an automatic confirmation.
  4. Your order will then be processed within 1-2 hours by one of our employees (office time). You will then receive a second confirmation email and your invoice.
  5. Your order will be processed after we have received the payment. For bank transfer, we will send you a confirmation email when we receive your payment.

Which other payment options are available?

  • PayPal

I’d like to pick up my goods instead of a shipment. Is this possible?

Yes. Please inform us if you like to pick up your goods. By the way: You can also send us an e-mail to let us know that you generally prefer to pick up your goods. We will add a remark in your customer’s-data-entry, so that future orders will automatically be marked as pick-up orders.

What is the « 2 year warranty”?

We grant a 2 year warranty period to all customers. If an item that was purchased from us is going defective and that is not caused by immoderate use or extreme wear, we will arrange a repair free of charge for the customer.
Contact our customer service to organise some details before returning items.

My instrument is defective – how should I proceed?

Important: It is really important to contact us before sending it back to us.
Please read the information below regarding warranty.
Do always contact us first. When you send us a description of what is broken by E-mail, we can handle the case faster and with more efficiency.
We prepare the guarantee-handling with the responsible service-center and write you an E-mail back in which we tell you to whom you can send your broken device.

Warranty: who pays the extra costs?

If there is nothing stated, it is a ‘bring-in’ guarantee. This means that:
  • The warranty covers the costs of the reparation in the service-center.
  • The charges for the shipment “to and back” to the service-center are paid by you.

Product return

We do not accept returns since our instruments are unique and not factory made. Please refer to the 2 years warranty for more informations.
• Loss or damage to the original packaging and accessories.