SuperStrat Relic

The “SuperStrat” takes you straight back to the original 80’s and 90’s looks and feel with an instrument full of vibe in more than 40 colours available in full nitro lacquer and unlimited choices of aging level. All our Pickups sets are Handwound and based on the Vintage originals.

Made in USA.

1950€.- (including Hardcase & Certificate)

  • Alder, Swamp Ash, Basswood, etc. body cut to original specs (two pieces) made in California, USA, Aged in full-nitrocelullose in USA with colour of your choice (see below).
  • Made in USA necks, by American luthiers (Nitro or Oil finishes). Plenty of choices with woods, radius, frets, etc. With or without Floyd shelf.
  • Handwound Pickups of your choice: HSS Voodoo set Handwound in EU. Bare & Knuckle Handwound in UK Pickups (BootCamp models only, Old Guard, True Grit & Brute Force)
  • Genuine Floyd-Rose Schaller, Gotoh Japan Floyd or Modern two-pivot tremolo when non-locking nut.
  • Genuine Gotoh Japan or Kluson USA tuners.
  • Aged Pickguard colour of your choice. (Handmade Pickguard in wood, metal, aluminium, etc. on request +100€).
  • Handwired electronics with Bourns Audio pro potentiometers and Paper in Oil Vintage capacitor Russian military.
  • Relicing level and Checking Marks of your choice.
  • Hardcase & Custom Shop certificate included.

Nitro colours available:  Sunbursts – Black – Blue Translucent – Dakota Red – Daphne Blue – Desert Sand – Fiesta Red – Fiesta Red Translucent – Graffiti Monaco Yellow – Natural – Olympic White – Orange Solid – Orange Translucent – Sea Foam Green – Shell Pink – Sonic Blue – Sonic Blue Translucent – Surf Green – Surf Green Translucent – Taos Turquoise Blue – Vintage White – Butterscotch – Blond

Metallic nitro Colours: 3-Tone Sunburst Metallic – Aztec Gold – Burgundy Mist – Candy Apple Green – Candy Apple Red – Candy Tangerine – Charcoal Frost Metallic – Copper – Crown Royal Purple – Firemist Gold – Ice Blue Metallic – Ice Green Metallic – Inca Silver – Lake Placid Blue – Ocean Turquoise – Sherwood Green – Shoreline Gold – Star Fire Gold