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Custom Shop COPPERCASTER made by American luthier Mike Seta

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Unique and superb Distressed CopperCaster in the style of James Trussart Steelcaster handmade by American luthier Mike Seta with an Allparts amazing neck (made in Houston, Texas) reverse headstock and the high-end DiMarzio USA « Area T » pickup set. Gotoh/Warmoth tuners & Genuine Kluson bridge. Final assembling and electronic made by S71 Custom Shop in Switzerland (Custom Shop certificate is included).


100% Ash wood body (except for the aluminum « rivets »). Get the illusion of a metal guitar with the classic tone of wood.

Mike Seta is an American Luthier specialised in carving guitar bodies. Since 1992 he builded dozens of guitars for guitar players all around the world. Each model is unique.

With payment receipt, Custom Shop certificate and guarantee (see conditions).

Out of stock



  • Body in American Ash with a unique Distressed copper finish, aluminium rivets. Body is signed by Mike Seta.
  • Ash is best known as the wood of classic ’50s guitars, sound is twangy, airy, and sweet. It offers firm lows, pleasant highs, a slightly scooped midrange, and good sustain.
  • Allparts made in USA neck (
  • Vintage style neck, medium thick « C » profil (not the modern thin one, more like the Richie kotzen neck) with thin Vintage frets modern radius of 9,5. Reverse Headstock with a walnut stain finish giving the illusion that the neck is roasted.
  • Musicman type neck finish (Tru-oil and Wax from Birchwood Casey) very soft and satin feel, the neck plays like butter.
  • High-end DiMarzio made in USA « Area T » (Area 58 & 61) pickup set.
  • Area T bridge pickup DP418, Alnico 2 & Hum-canceling. The highs sing, the lows snap, and the mids have a punch that’s almost unreal.
  • Area T neck pickup DP417, Alnico 2 & Hum-canceling. Has the combination of clarity and warmth that TL players have always sought.
  • Handwired electronics with a unique « 5-way » switch, push-pull Tone for out of phase, a passive mini-booster and a Killswitch.
  • Bourns potentiometers and Orange Drop Capacitor.
  • High quality tuners from Gotoh Japan made for Warmoth USA for lefty or reverse headstock necks.
  • Genuine Kluson Vintage Deluxe TL bridge with three brass saddles for more Sustain.
  • Strings through body again for much more Sustain.
  • Total weight: 3,6 kgs
  • Custom Shop certificate and brand new hardshell included.


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