S71 Custom Made Nitro S Modern/Vintage Hardtail ’66, 3-Tone Sunburst Relic, Roasted Flame neck. USA.

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S71 Custom Made Nitro S Modern/Vintage Hardtail ’66, 3-Tone Sunburst Relic, Roasted Flame neck. USA.


S71 Custom Made unique « Nitro S Modern/Vintage Hardtail ’66, 3-Tone Sunburst Relic » 
Selected light Alder body Custom made by USACG in Washington with a 100% Nitrocellulose finish and plenty of details/checking marks.ROASTED AAA FLAME Maple accurate “1966 Oval C” Neck specs. High-end slab AAA Rosewood fretboard with COMPOUND Radius 9.5-12“, Engraved Logo, Custom made by luthier near New-York with Nitrocellulose finish. Handwound « California Glass ‘66 » Collins Pickups  in Dallas Texas. « 7-Sounds «  wiring mod. Genuine High-End BABICZ Hardtail (Double locking system).Genuine Gotoh Japan tuners & Gotoh neckplate with serial number. AllParts USA Tortoise Aged Pickguard.Certificat of Authenticity included.Custom made in USA.

NEW guitar, including C.O.A and invoice. (the hardcase in pictures is for illustration purposes only)
S71 Custom Guitars is a professional seller commercially registered in Switzerland.



Babicz Hardtail bridge features:
Double locking system (at the saddle + the side rail)
String through the body
Universal three hole mount-fits Fender VINTAGE and AMERICAN Standard guitars
Patented FCH eCAM technology
High performance all Aluminum design

66’s Neck « Oval C »Luthier custom made in USA, specs:

  • Roasted AAA Flame Maple shaft
  • Slab AAA Rosewood fretboard
  • .840 @ 1st fret / .960 @ 12th fret
  • Nut Width 1-5/8″
  • Compound Radius 9.5-14″
  • “Cream Clay” Vintage style front and side dots
  • 21 Medium/Jumbo frets from Jescar USA
  • Heel Vintage Trussrod
  • Graphtech « Nubone » nut, made in Canada

Genuine custom hand wound vintage pickup full specs:

  • Model T-166 genuine Collins custom hand wound 5/2 Hybrid pickup set with some modern touches
  • California Glass is a .187 Alnico 5, Alnico 2 hybrid set of single coil pickups with vintage stagger. Magnets oriented S-N-S spec and calibrated for strength
    These pickups are overwound 5% at the bridge and 5% underwound at the neck with the middle pickup wound to late ’60’s specs. The underwinding of the neck will give a small mid scooping, while the overwinding at the bridge will provide a mid boost. The Alnico 5 magnets in the 6th, 5th and 4th string positions will keep the bottom end tight and focused while the Alnico 2 magnets in the 3rd, 2nd and 1st string positions will round out the top and coax out the bell tones.
    High quality vulcanized fiber flatwork red .062 top with gray .093  bottoms
  • Though ohms are subject to change in temperature these read around
  • 5.39 K (neck) 2.13 Henries
  • 5.72 K (mid) 2.41 Henries
  • 5.95 K (bridge) 2.55 Henriesmeasured around 70 degreesThe sandcast alnico 5 and 2 magnets were sealed before winding in my own resin formula to prevent magnet to wire failureWound with a beautiful bright red modern poly-nylon AWG42 wire and potted in paraffin/bees wax to silence microphonics.Vintage black/white cloth wiring about 12″ long for the most demanding hookups. Vintage surgical rubber tubing with nickel screws
  • 52mm spacing profileNote: These Model T-166 scatterwound pickups will hum cancel in the 4th and 2nd positions
  • They have all the quack and bell tones early single coils are known forDripping with tone and ready to rockThey are at home in the California Surf and Sun but are equally home in a Nashville Studio or a Classic Rock venue
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