S71 Nitro Vintage S Candy Tangerine Relic, Made in USA.

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S71 Nitro Vintage S Candy Tangerine Relic, Made in USA.


S71 Nitro Vintage Modern S Candy Tangerine Relic, Roasted Maple/Rosewood neck, Gold hardware.

Made in USA.




  • Selected Alder 2-pieces body with Vintage specs, made in California by Wildwood Mfg
  • 100% Nitrocellulose “Aged Candy Tangerine” finish with plenty of details, checking marks
  • Roasted Flame Maple neck with AAA Rosewood fretboard, made by luthier in region, NY, USA.
  • Custom neck 24.75″ Gibson scale, radius 12, 22 6130 Frets (Medium/Jumbo), ’66 Chunk C shape, pre-CBS headstock
  • Handwound in Dallas Texas, Handmade Collins Vintage replica Pickups
  • CTS & CRL pots and 5-way switch, real Vintage PIO capacitor
  • 7-sounds mod via Tone blender, Humbucker coil split via mini-switch, Treble-Bleed, No Tone !
  • Genuine Gotoh 2-point 510t-fe1 Gold tremolo, made in Japan
  • Genuine Gotoh Vintage style Gold locking tuners, made in Japan
  • Aged Yellow Dark Pearloïd Pickguard, Gold neckplate and jack out by Gotoh Japan
  • Gold S-Lock Schaller Strap Buttons
  • Custom Hardcase
  • Certificate of Authenticity


Handwound Pickups Collins Handmade in Texas:

This custom set of hand-wound modern Sun-Burnt Angels Time Travellers feature vintage styling with modern tech.
The bridge pickup is over-wound 35%  and sings with the modern tones late.
Pinch harmonics ring with ease and effortless taps.  Wound with a beautiful red 43AWG modern single poly wire, taped and double potted to silence microphonics.
Sun-Burnt Angels Bridge Humbucker have a 4 conductor shielded wiring. These Alnico 4 magnets oriented South to screws and North to vintage bullseye slugs are set at 1,000 gauss. High quality short leg Silver Nickel baseplates.
The custom modeled pair of Time Travellers single coil pickups for Strats with vintage staggering .187 Alnico 5 magnets oriented S-N-S spec and calibrated for strength.
These pickups are over-wound progressively 21.84% to kick up the mids and  striking balance with the selector. Alnico 5 will bring out the highs while the 44AWG wire will kick up the mids and output. The thinner wire will give a thinner less wide coil which will refocus the highs after the mid over-wound punch.
Made in the U.S.A. hand wound in Texas in my own shop
  • Though ohms are subject to change in temperature these read around
  • 8.80 K (neck) 2.36 Henries
  • 9.38 K (mid) 2.55 Henries
  • 13.42 K (bridge) (6.82 Henries)
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