S71 Custom Shop HSS AGED OLYMPIC WHITE OVER TOBACCO SUNBURST Super Heavy-Relic made in USA/UK. HSS Handwound Pickups 80’s/Vintage style. Alder UK luthier body, AllPArts USA amber Heavy-Relic all Maple neck. Bourns/Oak Grigsby Handwired elec. Gotoh Japan tremolo. Kluson Deluxe tuners.

Made in USA/UK.



  • Selected Ash HSS body made in UK by luthier Philipp Marshall.
  • Handfinished in 100% Nitrocellulose Aged Olympic White over Tobacco 2-Tone Sunburst Super Heavy-Relic.
  • Amber Vintage Heavy-Relic made by AllParts, Houston, USA all Maple neck.
  • 22 Jumbo frets, radius 12, Custom Shop « C » shape similar to Fender CS2 profile.
  • 1st Fret Thickness = 0.85 in. (21.6mm) / 12th Fret Thickness = 0.96 in. (24.4mm).
  • Real Handwound Pickups « HSS VooDoo » authentic details and scatter wound winding (winded w/out machine only by hand just like in the 50’s, 2 hours of winding per Pickup).
  • Staggered Alnico V with resistance:
  • Bridge – Humbucker 8,9K AlNiCo5, Nickelsilver Baseplate and Nickel cover
  • Middle – Voodoo single 6,2k
  • Neck – Voodoo single 6,2K
  • The single-coils pickups have a slightly brighter sound in the middle range. The Humbucker has a classic old school rock sound.
  • Handwired boutique electronics with Oak Grigsby USA 5-way switch, BOURNS USA pots and a PIO (Paper in Oil) Russian military .022mfd capacitor, made in Italy high-quality jack output.
  • Original Kluson Deluxe engraved tuners in Relic finish, high quality.
  • Gotoh Japan Vintage style Tremolo, model GE101TS with heavy steel block.
  • Green Mint AllParts USA 3-ply Aged Pickguard.
  • Gotoh Japan neck plate with random 60’s serial number.
  • Jack out and heavy Metal knobs from Gotoh Japan.
  • Hardcase & Custom Shop certificate included.

NEW Guitar. Sold with Hardcase, certificate from the Custom Shop, invoice and 2 years warranty (see our terms and conditions on the site).
S71 Guitars is a professional seller registered in the Swiss Commercial Register.


AllParts, USA all Maple neck specs:

  • 22 jumbo modern frets (.114 x .055 inch)
  • Solid maple neck
  • 12 inch radius
  • 1 and 5/8 inch nut width
  • Heel width 2 and 3/16 inch
  • Tuning Peg Hole Diameter .340 inch
  • Truss Rod adjustment at heel
  • Neck thickness .85 inch at first fret, .96 at twelfth fret