HXX Black Walnut & Gold S71 Pro Custom Shop. Conversion 24.75 neck. L500L Bill & Becky USA Pickup.

//HXX Black Walnut & Gold S71 Pro Custom Shop. Conversion 24.75 neck. L500L Bill & Becky USA Pickup.

HXX Black Walnut & Gold S71 Pro Custom Shop. Conversion 24.75 neck. L500L Bill & Becky USA Pickup.


HXX Black Walnut & Gold Custom S71 Shop Strat. L500L Bill Lawrence USA Pickup. Wilkinson knife edge Tremolo, Back-locking Kluson tuners.

Made in USA/UK.

Superb and rare Walnut body made by luthier in UK, Curly Maple on American Black Walnut Conversion 24.75 neck made by luthier in USA. Genuine BILL LAWRENCE L500L Bill & Becky USA Pickup. Handwired elec with Push-Push knob AllParts USA to split the Humbucker in Out of Phase and Treble-Bleed.Gold Hardware, Wilkinson WSV50IIK knife edge tremolo w heavy block, Kluson Locking Tuners « Back-Locks » Gold Mirror Pickguard, heavy Gotoh Japan Knob.



– Made in UK by luthier superb and rare Walnut body in a HXX (EVH, Tom Delonge) configuration, finished in high-gloss translucide PU bi-composant.
– Curly Maple on American Black Walnut 24.75 conversion neck made by luthier in Rochester, NY, USA.
– 24.75 Conversion neck (Gibson scale) and curly maple Radius 12 fretboard with 21 Tall-Medium frets and real Abalone inlays. « C » profile .85/.92 (21/23mm) similar to the Fender Custom Shop « CS2’ shape. (see details below).
– Neck handfinished with the Musicman method, Tru-oil & Wax by Birchwood Casey. Very satin feel, perfect for fast and smooth playing.
– Graph Tech Canada « Nubone » nut, definitely the best. 20 years of research to develop the Nubone model.
– BILL LAWRENCE Made in USA L500L High-Output Pickup, the Genuine L500L made by Bill & Becky Wilde Pickups. Hand Built by Becky and her team in the US, not the stock mass model produced by the competitor Bill Lawrence USA.
– Handwired electronic with PUSH-PUSH Allparts 500k pot, to switch between Humbucker and Out of Phase.
– Treble-Bleed circuit installed. A treble-bleed (high-pass) circuit allows the highs to “bleed” (or pass) through the volume pot even as it is turned down.
– Wilkinson WSV50IIK high quality 2-point knife edge tremolo with a heavy Steel sustain block. ’Wilkinson’ Stamped Stainless Steel Saddles, Locked Down Saddles for Increased Tone Transfer. Adjustable Tension Push-In Tremolo Arm.
– Genuine engraved KLUSON USA Locking Tuners « BACK-LOCKS ».
– Heavy dome Knob from GOTOH JAPAN, the best on the market.
– Jack socket Gotoh Japan, Jack output made in Italy, best quality.
– Gold Mirror Pickguard.
– Hardcase and Custom Shop certificate included.


Luthier neck specs:

– 24.75’ Scale Stratocaster Guitar Neck.
– Curly Maple on American Black Walnut.
– 21 ’Tall, Medium’ Frets. Height – .055’ Width – .090’
– Abalone face and side dots.
– Dual action truss rod with heel adjustment.
– 24.75’ Conversion Scale (This neck is meant to convert a 25.5’ scale guitar to 24.75’).
– .853’ Thick at 1st fret.
– .921’ Thick at 12th fret.
– Nut Width: 1 11/16’
– Heel Width: 2 3/16’
– Radius: 12’

Proudly Built in the USA.


Bill Lawrence ’Bill n’Becky Wilde Pickups » L500L Hand Built in USA :

The L500 was established in 1979 and the patent concluded in 1981. Bill wanted a high performance pickup that could be voiced in many ways. The L500 is used from lapsteel, blues, rock and heavy metal even jazz by a whole range of musicians. You color your sound with all your gear and playing styles.