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Luthier Andy Schack Unique V Classic Bass, Bartolini activ Pickups


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Luthier Andy Schack Unique V Classic Bass, very rare on the 2nd hand market. Handmade in Germany.

Bubinga 1 piece body satin finish, Flame maple neck, Ebony fretboard 24 frets +.0 fret (Vigier type) & Ebony nut, « Screwless neck joint ».  Bartolini activ 18v Pickups, semiparametric EQ.

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  • Body Bubinga 1 piece
  • Satin finish
  • Flamed maple neck (very thin fast profile)
  • Ebony fretboard
  • 24 frets + 0. fret
  • Ebony nut
  • Bartolini PickUps
  • Schack BC-3P, active 3-band-elektronic (18V)
  • Semiparametric EQ
  • Schaller & ETS Hardware
  • Hardware finish: GOLD
  • Screwless Back-Design
  • CNF (covered neck fixing)-System
  • Hardcase included.
  • New price was 4390€ by Schack Guitars

covered neck fixing
Our Covered Neck Fixing-system is a kind of bolt on construction that isn’t – and it’s a major element of our screwless back design. To attach the neck to the body we use two metal plates that are clamped into each other. This connection is supported by the string tension. In addition to that there is a metal cylinder inserted into the body thru this a bolt is driven against the neck to push the clamps together and make it a rock solid connection. To tighten the screw, once that should be necessary, you get access to the CNF by taking out the neck pickup and using an Allen key. Soundwise this construction combines the best of both worlds: you get more attack than with a neckthru and more sustain from it than with a regular bolt-on connection.

Free shipping in Europe (contact us for intercontinental).
Second hand bass in perfect condition, sold with Hardcase, invoice and 2 years warranty (see our terms and conditions on the site).


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