FULL GENUINE “1990” RIG w ADA MP-1 / ROCKTRON Intellifex / ENGL 820-35 / MARSHALL 1960 / GATOR 6U

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FULL GENUINE “1990” RIG w ADA MP-1 / ROCKTRON Intellifex / ENGL 820-35 / MARSHALL 1960 / GATOR 6U

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Here’s my personal full 1990 « Stereo » Rig, all original and 1st hand, NOTHING has ever been modified !
I purchased all the parts brand-new in 1990, very well maintained and always held in a smoking-free environnement.
Used only for rehearsals and a few gigs, all the parts are originals from 1990 and even the Valves were never replaced and of course in a perfect fully working order. All foot Midi-controlled via the ADA-MC1 and perfectly protected in an ABS Gator USA 6 unit case. (all the detailed specs down below in the 2nd part).


Including a legendary “ADA-MP1” Tube Guitar pre-amp, Made in USA.
THIS UNIT IS A PIECE OF MUSIC HISTORY. THIS IS A SHORT LIST OF THE LEGENDS THAT HAVE ADORNED THIS RIG – Nuno Bettencourt, Paul Gilbert, Kirk Hammett, Vito Bratta, Marty Friedman, Jason Becker, Jamie Glaser, Bill Connors, Wayne Johnson, Dave Mason, Bruce Bouillet, Vernon Reid, Steve Bertek – just to name a few – created their unique tone with the MP-1. (attached in pics some Nuno and Paul Gilbert ADA-MP1 settings).

ENGL “POWERAMP 820/35”, 2x35W « All-Valve « Mono/Stereo outputs, Made in West Germany.
8x EL84 & 3x 12ax7 original valves.
ROCKTRON “INTELLIFEX incl. HUSH”, Stereo 24 bit digital effect processor, Made in USA.
Highly flexible configuration, very high quality algorithms.
MARSHALL JCM 900 Lead 1960 Slant Cabinet, 4xCelestion G-12T75, Made in England.
The world’s bestselling 4×12” cabinet, famed for is excellent sound with original 4xCelestion G-12T75. These cabinet is designed to deliver a big sound for live performances. An authentic 60’s design and pack plenty of power with 300W in mono or 2x150W in stereo.

ADA-MC1 MIDI Controller, Made in USA:
Universally compatible MIDI foot controller that provides instant remote access to 128 MIDI programs in your signal processor and preamp.
GATOR 6U Shallow Audio Rack case, Made in USA:
Gator’s GR-6S mini racks are the perfect solution for shallow rack gear such as effects, eq’s, and smaller amps. Compact with the exterior depth of 17.5″, and total rackable depth of 14.5″, these racks are easy to carry. Packed with all the features such as front and rear rack rail, universally stacking, durable front and rear lids and comfortable sloped side handles these are the perfect space savers offering all the benefits of a full size rack in a compact size!
As mentioned above, the Rig is in perfect working order with some very little cosmetic wear consistent with 30 years of little use, more close pictures on request of course. NO RETURN, but you’re very welcome to ask any question about it.
SHIPPING is possible but the Marshall cabinet is to discuss prior to confirmation due to the heavyweight 36.5kgs and the massive shape.
THE RACK is NOT for sale in separate parts ! Please don’t make me silly offer or comments, it was thought of as a coherent set at the time to have those typical 90’s tones.
Placed in a very sturdy Gator rack, each element of the Rack will be perfectly protected separately with bubble wrap, etc. Nevertheless, an on-site test is preferred and a shipping is at your risk, again NO return accepted in case of problems.
You’re very welcome to stop-by at my workshop in Switzerland and try it any time.
1990 Rig full specs:
A/DA-MP1, Made in USA:

9 Unique Tri-State Voicing option for choice of Clean Tube, 9 Distortion Tube, or Solid State circuit for each program. 9 Two low noise 12AX7 A/7025 tubes. 9 128 programs. 9 Three programmable gain controls for each program. 9 Four band programmable EQ including 16dB boost/cut for bass and treble. 9 Fully programmable stereo chorus and doubler. 9 Programmable effects loop with adjustable send/receive level. 9 Stereo headphone jack with level control. 9 Stereo outputs switchable from line level (to mixing board) to instrument level (to guitar amp). 9 1/4″ instrument level input jack on front panel for easy access. 9 Active balanced input on rear panel for mixing boards. 9 Output level knob for fast volume adjustment without affecting tone. 9 Programmable compression level in Solid State mode. 9 Received MIDI program numbers are re-assignable (mapable) to any MP-1 memory number. 9 MIDI In, Out and Thru. 9 Selectable MIDI channel including ALL channels (OMNI) and no channels (OFF). 9 Lexan membrane switch front panel replaces pots. No contamination from dust or liquids. 9 Optional MC-1 MIDI CONTROLLER footswitch provides instant access to any program for on-stage control. 9 Self-diagnostics check unit during power up. 9 Instantaneous logic-controlled FET switching. 9 EPROM updates will be available for future system expansion. 9 State-of-the-art software implementation including SYSEX and MIDI Time Code for computer controlled applications. 9 Simple programming routine.

  • 24 bit digital effects processor (Three 16bit converters – 64X AD oversampling)
  • Totally programmable – store 60 user presets (plus 60 “factory” presets)
  • Allows for MIDI control – Store up to 8 unique MIDI controller patches with each preset
  • Stereo effects with panning on almost all signals
  • Pitch Shifting – 4 voice pitch shifting over 3 full octaves
  • 8 voice stereo chorusing
  • Digital Delay
  • Digital Reverb
  • Highly flexible configuration – Very high quality algorithms
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 5 effects plus complete mixing capabilities
  • Plus the patented HUSH noise reduction
  • Easy to read display
ENGL “POWERAMP 820/35”, 2x35W All-Valves Mono/Stereo outputs, Made in West Germany:
West German quality engineering in a very robust chassis. All valve 820/35 stereo power amp.
Power amp runs 8 x el84 power tubes (4 x per channel) and 3 x 12ax7a preamp tubes in the power amp.
Left and right channel has either 8 ohm or 16 ohm speaker outputs.
MARSHALL JCM 900 Lead 1960 angled, Made in UK:
  • Speaker configuration: 4×12″
  • Speaker model: Celestion G12T-75 (16Ω, 75W)
  • Power handling: 2 x 150W (stereo mode) 1 x 300w (mono mode)
  • Unit impedance: 8Ω (stereo mode), 16/4Ω (mono mode)
  • Total weight: 36.5kgs !
A/DA-MC1, Made in USA:
  • Transmits MIDI program change on any of the 16 MIDI channels
  • LED Readout displays program number or MIDI channels
  • Three software based program display modes: 1-128, 0-127, and octal.
  • MIDI cable and A.C supply
GATOR 6U CASE, Shallow Audio Rack, Made in USA:
  • Lightweight Polyethylene Construction
  • Threaded, Field Replaceable 7mm Zinc-Plated Steel Rack Rails
  • Front & Rear Rack Rails
  • Heavy-duty twist latches
  • Compact 14.25″ rack depth
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