S71 “Custom Nitro S” Vintage ’76 Violin Burst 2-Tones Closet Classic. 24.75″ scale Roasted Neck

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S71 “Custom Nitro S” Vintage ’76 Violin Burst 2-Tones Closet Classic. 24.75″ scale Roasted Neck


S71 “Custom Nitro S” Vintage ’76 Violin Burst 2-Tones Closet Classic. 24.75 » scale Roasted Quartersawn Large Reversed Headstock neck. 
S71 Custom made unique « Nitro S Vintage ’76 Violin Burst 2-Tones Closet Classic ». 
Selected lightweight body (3,3kgs/6.6lbs for the whole guitar) Custom made by USACG in Washington with Vintage specs.
100% Nitrocellulose finish with a very light Relic also called “Closet classic”, some checking marks and nicks only.
24.75» Gibson short scale conversion neck, Modern Chunky C shape specs similar to a 1966 C shape, ROASTED Quartersawn maple AAA Dark Rosewood fretboard with  Modern Compound Radius 9.5-14″, Real Abalone dots, Engraved Logo, Custom made by luthier near New-York with Nitrocellulose finish.
Handwound « Wind Talker ’76 » Pickups in Dallas Texas. « 7-Sounds «  wiring mod. Genuine Gotoh Japan Vintage style tremolo, Kluson style tuners & neckplate with serial number. E-Certificate of Authenticity included.
Custom made in USA.


NEW guitar, including E-C.O.A and invoice.
(the hardcase in pictures is for illustration purposes only)
S71 Custom Guitars is a professional seller commercially registered in Switzerland.
Modern Chunky/1966 C shape Luthier neck custom made in USA, specs:
  • 24.75″ scale length
  • Roasted Quartersawn maple neck
  • AAA Dark Rosewood fretboard
  • .850 @ 1st fret / .950 @ 12th fret
  • Compound Radius 9.5 to 14″
  • Nut Width 1-5/8″
  • Real Abalone front dots and Cream side dots
  • 22 Tall/Medium frets from Jescar USA
  • Headstock Trussrod
  • Graphtech « Nubone » nut, made in Canada
    • These are Wind Talker ’76 genuine Collins custom hand wound non-stagger modern pickup set made from the finest materials
    • Modeled after the single coil pickups of the mid- late 70’s flat non-staggered for modern string configurations and wound a little hot .187 Alnico 5 magnets oriented S-N-S spec and calibrated for strengthThese pickups are overwound progressively 8.2% to bridge for balance and a slightly hotter output.
      High quality vulcanized fiber flatwork red .062 top with gray .093  bottoms
      Made in the U.S.A. hand wound in Texas in my own shop

      Though ohms are subject to change in temperature these read around

    • 5.97 K (neck) 2.47 Henries
    • 6.25 K (mid) 2.72 Henries
    • 6.55 K (bridge) 2.93 Henries

measured around 70 degrees

These pickups come un-taped as the originals were, extreme caution should be used when mounting

  • They have all the quack and chime early single coils are known for
    Dripping with tone and ready to rock
    They will shine in Psychedelic Blues, Blues Rock, Rock, Jazz, Country any genre you want to put them through

    Much of your tone is in your hands while no one can promise that you will play like Hendrix, Clapton, Gallagher or Blackmore by a pickup upgrade you will have the tools at your disposal to take you there

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