S71 Custom Tbass/51P bass “Lake Placid Blue Relic”, Handwound Pickup.

//S71 Custom Tbass/51P bass “Lake Placid Blue Relic”, Handwound Pickup.

S71 Custom Tbass/51P bass “Lake Placid Blue Relic”, Handwound Pickup.


S71 unique Tbass/51P bass with a « curved » control plate and no Pickguard.
Lake Placid Blue nitro Relic finish, matching headstock.
2-pieces Alder slab body, maple T neck, Handwound 51P Pickup, Schaller tuners, fully compensatable Steel/brass bridge, Pio capa, Gotoh hardware.
Made in UK/JAPAN.



  • Custom made two-pieces Alder Tbass/51P Slab body, cut on Vintage specs with a custom « curved » control cavity, made by luthier in the UK.
  • Finished in 100% nitrocellulose « Lake Placid Blue » in a light Relic and plenty of checking marks.
  • TBass neck one-piece Maple with a skunk stripe and matching LPB headstock. From WD Music UK.
  • Chunky C profil, 9.5 radius (full specs below). Made in Japan by Hosco/Gotoh. Nitro Amber finish, checking marks on the headstock.
  • Handwound 51P Alnico V single-coil with accurate Vintage specs 7.8K and Black rope (specs below). Made in EU.
  • Handwired elecs with two 250k pots made in Japan, genuine Vintage Paper in Oil .47 capacitor from Russian militaries. Jack out made in Italy.
  • Schaller F-Series made in Germany tuners. Gear ration 1:20.
  • Fully compensatable 4-saddles String-Thru bridge machined in the UK. Brass saddles, stainless steel base-plate.
  • This bridge is designed as an upgrade/replacement for the classic F. 2-saddle bridge fitted to ’50s P/T basses. Unlike the original this has independently adjustable saddles allowing the required height and intonation to be set correctly for each string.
  • Custom « curved » control plate made in Germany, gives a unique design to this Tbass.
  • Gotoh Japan hardware, heavy knobs, control plate and straps.
  • Pickup and bridge metallic covers on request.
  • Certificat and Hardcase included.
NEW Guitar. Sold with Hardcase, certificate and invoice.
S71 Guitars is a professional seller registered in the Swiss Commercial Register.
Made in Japan Tbass neck specs:
  • 20 medium jumbo frets (2.7mm x 1mm).
  • 41mm width at nut slot.
  • 240mm / 9.5″ fingerboard radius.
  • 34″ / Scale length 864mm
  • Neck thickness .23.25mm at 1st fret, .24.99mm at 12th fret
  • Trussrod adjustment at heel end of neck.
  • One piece Maple with skunk stripe on the back of the neck.
  • Made in Japan.
Handwound 51P Pickup Handmade in the EU specs:

This pickup offer the best Vintage Tone avail. Made of the highest quality components available and wound to vintage specs using time correct 42 AWG Plain Enamel coil wire, ALNICO V magnet pole pieces (made in a EU factory which produces high-quality material since 1954), cloth lead wires and wax potted. The bobbin material is made from Black vulcanized fiber.
This single-coil Pickup offer a loud, clear and even response with all the thump you expect from a high quality bass pickup.
Neck: 7,8 K
DCR: +/- 5%